Liv’s Recovery Kitchen is all about challenging our approach toward recovery.

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About Liv’s Recovery Kitchen

Liv’s Recovery Kitchen was founded in January 2015 as I began sharing my journey towards healing my body. The first two years of recovery I was physically sick, mentally exhausted, and extremely overweight. My life consisted of meetings and menial work. I wouldn’t accept this as the gift of  recovery–that didn’t represent a life of freedom to me.

As I continued my journey, I couldn’t grasp why recovery programs only focused on the spiritual and mental aspect of recovery, but excluded the body and how we treat it. My then recovery was limited and disempowering. I regularly attended 12 Step meetings, which were full of sugary snacks, caffeinated drinks, and consisted of sitting in church basements listening to sad stories and reading books that were nearly 100 years old written by people nothing like me.

Thoroughly fed up, I started healing my body by caring for it and by re-programming relationship with food. I became fascinated by the relationship between food and mood, and how living well enhances our recovery.  The more I researched I began to see the unique challenges people in recovery face in relation to food, how our brain operates, and why we make the food choices we do–including compulsive behaviours. Three years later, I’ve lost 6o pounds, retrained as a health coach, and completely transformed my approach to recovery. What’s more, I gave up my menial jobs, relocated to the US and began writing about my findings full-time.

My mission with Liv’s Recovery Kitchen is to bring you all that I’ve learned about wellness, neurobiology, and addiction because I want you to know that:

  • recovery doesn’t have to be confined to someone else’s mindset–there are millions of approaches out there
  • health is not represented by a number on a scale
  • recovery can be as empowering as your want it to be–you are anything but powerless
  • recovery is most effective when it is holistic–that caring for your body is equally as important as mental and spiritual health.

I want you to know that  you can feel amazing, as a whole, and you can direct a recovery that works for you. That doesn’t mean going on fad or restrictive diets. Rather, I promote a model of recovery that is informed and self-directed in terms of what you eat, how you move, and how you nourish your mind.

To that end, I’ve interviewed over 70 people about what recovery looks like to them and how they look after their bodies (conversations); I’ve written over 400 articles on health and wellness, addiction transfer, how food affects your mood, and many on challenging and breaking free of recovery norms (writing); l have 100s of tasty and healthy recipes (Liv’s Kitchen); and I have written a holistic daily reflection practice designed to improve body confidence.

I am located in Portland, OR.

I have have a popular following on Facebook, Twitter, InstagramYouTube and Pinterest.  I also host a FREE Facebook group for women who struggle with food (link here). Sign up here to keep up-to-date with events, news, articles, and tools–including my FREE ebook, menu planner, and emotional eating cheat sheet.

More about Liv

My story has been featured in many online and paper publications (link here). I am also a regular writer in a number of worldwide recovery related websites and podcasts (see featured in page). I’ve spoken at BlogOnUK, Manchester Girl Geeks, She Does The City & She Recovers Recovering Out Loud Panel in Toronto.

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