Liv’s Recovery Kitchen is a creative magazine about the journey to health and wellness in recovery.

Fueled by Passion

In January 2015 I started a blog, called Liv’s Locomotion, sharing the next chapter of my journey in recovery from addiction. I had begun a new chapter; towards a destination of health, fitness and well-being.  I have now lost 5o pounds and continue to learn how to sustain a healthy lifestyle. I am sharing that journey with you.

Liv’s Recovery Kitchen is a magazine about the journey to health and well-being. Whether that is dipping your toe in the water, or soaking up all the information, there is something for everyone. It contains conversations with others in recovery and their journey, stories of wellness transformation, health and well-being resources (including delicious recipes); my personal diaries and those of others who share their experience in recovery. For more info, see the mission here.


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More about Liv

My story has been featured in many online and paper publications (link here). I am also a regular writer in a number of worldwide publications and podcasts (see featured in page). In 2015, I began making keynote speeches for BlogOnUK and I have spoken at Manchester Girl Geeks events on blogging and mental health.

My Story

In this video you see how the disease took hold and what happened to me. You can read this story here.

My Recovery

Here I share how I came into recovery and what recovery means to me today and the tools I use. Story here

How I Lost Nearly 50 Pounds

Here I share my weight loss strategy and experience of losing nearly 50 pounds.6565654_orig