Ask the Expert – Jennifer Matesa

This week, Liv speaks to Jennifer Matesa about sex in sobriety and physical recovery.

Jennifer is the author of four nonfiction books about body, mind, and human wellbeing, including  Sex in Recovery: A Meeting Between the Covers (October 2016) and  The Recovering Body: Physical and Spiritual Fitness for Living Clean and Sober (2014), both from Hazelden Publishing. She speaks and writes widely, and teaches writing at the University of Pittsburgh.

She began her recovery journey in 2008, and has been sober since January 3, 2010. Jennifer founded the blog “Guinevere Gets Sober”, one of the first blogs of its kind—a site dedicated not just to recounting the drunkalog or being the oracle of inspiration to stay sober, but also to giving the public reliable information about addiction, recovery, treatment, public policy, and other complex issues. Her commitment to removing the stigma from addiction and recovery earned Jennifer a fellowship at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

For a detailed written interview, click here.

Video Interview with Jennifer Matesa