Ask the Expert Lou Lebentz, Sweet Enough

Want to know how sugar affects your brain? Are those with addictive tendencies more sensitive to sugar? What are the best foods to eat in recovery? Liv’s Recovery Kitchen asks the expert Lou Lebentz, at Sweet Enough, these questions as part of her feature Ask The Expert.


 YouTube Video

Interview with Lou for The Fix

I also interviewed Lou as part of a feature ‘All You Need to Know About Sugar‘ for The Fix.


 The Fix  interview is located here

More information on Lou:

Sweet Enough is the brainchild of Lou Lebentz, a well-known Addiction and Eating Disorders Psychotherapist who spent 10 years working at the Priory Rehab in the UK. Alongside Lou’s experience in helping others, she’s also battled her own demons with addictive substances and health issues, her last dependency being sugar of which she is now thankfully free! And now she wants to show you how she did it and help you too.

Follow these links to find out more about Lou’s 8-week online sugar reduction program: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube