Kitchen Table Conversations

Kitchen Table Conversations

Liv’s highly regarded Kitchen Table Conversations, provide a precious insight into the lives of people in recovery from addiction. You’ll learn about their journey’s to rock bottom and stories of transformation. I ask about their relationship with food, favourite meals, and how their relationship with their body has changed in recovery.

Ask The Expert is a feature where Liv speaks to fitness experts, yoga instructors, nutritionists, coaches and dieticians. You’ll find these in video and interview format.

“Olivia Pennelle conducted my interview not long ago. I’m used to getting asked your run-of-the-mill questions, generic ones. Liv dove into my content and came up with thought-provoking, soul-searching questions. It was the first time I felt like a professional writer because Liv demonstrated a great respect, care, and craftsmanship. She helped me understand my own writing, particularly poems, better than I ever have. I’m so grateful to Liv; her hard work, diligence, intelligence, openness, and honesty create a gem of a resource for anyone in recovery, affected by recovery, or trying to live a healthier life.”

Mark Goodson, Writer. (The Miracle of the Mundane)