Guest Post – Lizzie Allan – The Recovery Whisperer

Lizzie is bloody brilliant! Talk about a free spirit who makes recovery fun and exciting – she is an inspiration. I previously featured Lizzie in a post last year, ‘Fail Safe: Look Both Ways‘ as she perfectly illustrates how to have a feeling! Currently in Canada, Lizzie is from the UK and is over six years in recovery. She is the founder of the site, The Recovery Whisperer and describes what its about as follows:
“I use comedy, charm and rap to communicate my experiences of mental health breakdowns/spiritual awakening, addiction, recovery and being alive.”


A Message from Lizzie

Liv asked me to talk a little bit about Mental Health and Recovery. Being someone who has been in the Psychiatric System I am not a fan of labels I think they can be damaging and limiting. We all have at some point had a ‘freak out’ about being alive. I think you would be crazy not too!

I have found by balancing all areas of my life, physical, spiritual and emotional I don’t have to suffer.  Recovery has taught me so much about myself. I have had to change and grow. Today I am deeply connected to Great spirit, Source, God, Higher Power, Infinite Intelligence, Love Energy… whatever you want to call it.  Recovery = action and growth through learning and sharing.  Today I am part of the oneness of life, I am of service, I accept and love myself and I have excellent mental health (most of the time 😉

Peace and love,

Lizzie (The Recovery Whisperer)

As a little treat, I thought I’d show you my favourite clip of Lizzie. This makes me chuckle and dance every time I watch it (I have just watched this three times)!