Liv’s Recovery Kitchen is creative magazine about the journey to health and
wellness in recovery.

Fueled by Passion

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Liv’s Recovery Kitchen’s Mission is to provide a dedicated resource-in the form of a creative magazine- for all you need to know about the journey to good health and wellness in recovery from addiction. Whether your goal is to lose weight, to feel more energized, or to learn how to really enjoy life in recovery, this is the place for you.

In Liv’s Kitchen, you can find nutritional & well-being resources to achieve your health goals, including Liv’s delicious recipes. Liv is also a qualified Nutrition Coach and has lost 50 pounds.

The site features Liv’s highly regarded Kitchen Table Conversations, which provide a precious insight into the lives of people in recovery from addiction.

Liv’s seeks not only to improve the lives of people in recovery, but to break the stigma attached to it. She does this by providing insight into her life in the form of Liv’s Diaries. This offers a real and honest account of her own journey in recovery, including a 50-pound weight loss and long term recovery. Liv hosts others journeys, in guest diaries and stories of wellness transformation.





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