How I lost nearly 50 pounds

Today in a meeting, I bumped into an old friend that I haven’t really seen since my first year of sobriety. Three years, 11 months ago I was brand new to recovery. I’d just chosen my first sponsor (this old friend) and eagerly jumped straight into ‘the work’ to heal myself with her help and guidance. I was fastidious, swinging between mania and depression and what appeared to be a constant state of shock at this whole new world. She was wonderful. I was in awe. I still am today, to some extent; she radiates warmth, calm and love. What she said to me in those early days was that I was suffering with a disconnect between my heart, soul, mind and body; and those words have followed me throughout my journey…

As I settled in my seat at the meeting, with my lunch, the woman next to me observed how healthy it was and complimented me on my cycling jacket.  I exclaimed that I’d just run 5k and cycled 7 miles! She seemed shocked and asked me how.

These questions together with seeing an old friend prompted a moment of reflection… What I realised was that today I am a completely different person. I am nearly 50 pounds lighter and significantly fitter, not to mention that I’ve eliminated stimulants from my diet, I’m approaching my fourth year of recovery and have stopped smoking!!

So I thought you may be interested to hear how I went about achieving these successes! You can see from the pictures below how much I have lost and how that brightness has returned to my eyes. The radiance I observed in my friend, I’m now beginning to exude, here’s how.