Liv’s Diaries

Liv’s Diaries offers a real and honest account of my journey in recovery from addiction. I share my journey towards a destination of health, fitness and well-being.

Liv’s Diary is a warm and inviting space for Liv and others to share their personal stories of change and hope. Reading these diaries is like talking to a close friend over coffee and having their souls spill into the air for us all to touch.”

Paul Silva, Buzzkill POD

Recovery Reflections

I have written Recovery Reflections about my experiences in recovery. Such as my story, dating , how I lost 50 pounds, dealing with grief, creativity and mental health.


Guest Diaries

Liv’s Diaries also features wellness journeys of others in recovery, and guest posts from writers that I adore.

Published Diaries

I have been published on a number of online publications. There are a selection below. See Featured In page for more information about working with me.