Orange & Cardamom Energy Balls

Snacks are particularly important to people in recovery, to avoid HALT! I can get super cranky very quickly when I’m hungry. I’ve always found it useful to have snacks close by, so that I make healthy and nutritious choices, rather than load up on fat and sugar.

These are divine! Delicious energy balls, or bliss balls as they are commonly known. The addition of orange and cardamom add a refreshing twist to a normally chocolate based ball. These are energising, full of antioxidants, protein and make the perfect mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack. Or both. Personally, I’d have both!


Many of the foods that I cook with have added health benefits. The benefit to you is enhanced recovery, boosted immunity and extra energy. What is not to like about that?! Here are a couple of snippets of information about some ingredients. If you’re not interested, scroll down for the recipe. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the extra insight.


Video Recipe