The 12 Series

I’m so excited to talk about this collaborative project that we kicked off last week. Following the success of the collaborative post 12 Things WE Have Learned in Recovery, we have come together to form 12 on 12. Essentially, six writers:

Aaron Lee Perry, Sobr Soldier
Cristina Ferri, Sober Unicorn
Lara Frazier, Lara
Laura Silverman, The Sobriety Collective
Liv Pennelle, Liv’s Recovery Kitchen
Mark Goodson, The Miracle of The Mundane

     are coming together to bring you a collection of 12 things that have inspired, supported and influenced our recovery. This will be released on the 12th of each month and hosted on our respective blogs.

Cristina Ferry: 12 Recovery Tools

I hope you enjoy this just as much as I have.  Watch out for the next feature on 12January.